I am an ambitious, passionate and hardworking English Actor who grew up in South London. Trained in Stanislavski method and Meisner technique, I have played roles from Shakespeare to Tony Kushner, performing in venues from intimate black boxes up to international theatres. I have a particular passion for vulnerable, quirky or comedic roles but love any character that gives me the room to explore. I have a love of animals, science, the outdoors and exercise, trying to keep fit as much as I can with kayaking, weightlifting and swimming. 

Chris is available to travel for in-studio recording.
Rates are based on industry standards found HERE.
His home studio setup includes: 

  • Sennheiser MK-4 Condenser Microphone  ​

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo

  • Ableton Live Suite

Height: 5”11

Weight: 80kg

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

About Me

Natural History Museum | Venom: Killer and cure | 2017​

Featured extra


Matthew Vaughn | "Argylle" | 2022

Reporter (supporting)

Claire Scanlon | "The People We Hate At The Wedding" | 2022

Bartender (supporting)

Peter Morgan | "The Crown: Season 5" | 2021-22

Multiple Roles (supporting)

Danny Boyle | "Pistol" | 2022

Police Officer (supporting)

Vincenzo Natali | "The Peripheral" | 2021

Military Guard (supporting)

Anne Sewitsky | "A Very British Scandal" | 2021

Law Clients (supporting)

Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck | "Masters of the Air" | 2021

Turret Gunner (main cast double)

Clio Barnard | "The Essex Serpent" | 2021

Museum Guest (supporting)

Stephen Surjik | "The Witcher: Season 2" | 2021

Nilfgaard Soldier (supporting)

Ronan Bennett | "Top Boy: Season 2" | 2021

Driver (supporting)

Christopher McQuarrie | "Mission Impossible 7" | 2021

Agent Hall (supporting)

Stephen Surjik | "The Witcher: Season 2" | 2021

Nilfgaard Guard (supporting)

Shekhar Kapur | "What's Love Got to Do With It?" | 2021

Barman (supporting)

Norman Stone | "The Most Reluctant Convert" | 2020

Student (supporting)

Alexandra Brandl | "The Paths We Take" | 2020

Ethan (Lead)

Michaela Coel | "I May Destroy You" | 2020

Bar Patron (supporting)

Hotel Staff (supporting)

David Sant | "Home (Series 2)" | 2019

David Dobkin | "Eurovision" | 2019

Barman (supporting)

Sam Mendes | "1917" | 2019​

Queensguard Soldier (supporting)

Preston (supporting)

Ewan McPhillips | "The Show that Goes Wrong" | 2018​

George (Lead)

Izzy Christian | "When the World Fell" | 2018​

Luc Brown | "Straight" | 2018​

Tom (Supporting)

Deacon James (Lead)

James Mileham | "A Priest Walks into a Bathroom" | 2018​

Special Skills

Dialects (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Midlands, Cockney, RP, South African, USA New York, USA Southern), Sports (Kayaking, Canoeing, Shooting, Tennis, Golf, Weight Training, Archery, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing), Stage Combat Training (Rapier and Dagger and Hand-to-Hand), Bartending and Mixology, Biology Degree, Stand-Up comedy. 

Training & Workshops

Academy of Performance Training | Acting Foundation Course

Academy of Performance Training | Meisner Technique Acting Course

Trinity College London | ATCL Diploma Speech & Drama (Distinction)


Academy of Performance Training | "Proof" | Sebastien Blanc​

Harold Dobbs (Lead)

Academy of Performance Training | "Boy's Life" | Sebastien Blanc​

Don (Lead)

Academy of Performance Training | "Angels in America" | Liam Clarke​

Hannah & Henry (Supporting)

University of Bristol | "Arcadia" | Student Directed


University of Bristol | "A Midsummer Night's Dream" | Student Directed

Oberon (Supporting)

MOM Cultural Centre Budapest | "Hamlet" | Neil Zoladkiewicz

Claudius (Supporting)

MOM Cultural Centre Budapest | "The Comedy of Errors" | Neil Zoladkiewicz

Antipholus of Syracuse (Lead)

Richard Challoner Theatre Company | "Rope" | Neil Zoladkiewicz

Brandon (Lead)